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Lamb Sandwich @ Jackson Dodds

At $14 a very very light feed as a lunch - disappointing indeed. Tomato, onion and rocket used to fill the roll. Lamb was tender but lacking adequate quantity for a dish called a lamb sandwich. For anyone who loves a Souvlaki or kebab, better value going to your favorite spot and getting value for your dollars. Unknowingly went for a small bottle of Coke (330ml) at $4 INSANELY expensive, must have been because it comes in a glass bottle! Will go back and try a dish from their breakfast menu with a coffee instead.

Via Foodspotting

I’m sure there’s a reason behind this tricycle hanging upside down. #childhood #memory #tricycle (at Jackson Dodds)

Foggy morning….fantastic evening!
#melbourne (at Reservoir, Victoria, Australia)

A Melbourne winter morning!
#fog #melbourne (at Reservoir, Victoria, Australia)