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Couldn’t be bothered waiting for the #iWatch so I grabbed an #iBerry instead!

Yep…I’ve been nominated to partake in the #IceBucketChallenge for Motor Neurone Disease or ALS in other parts of the world. The nomination was via Twitter.

For this challenge, I pledge a donation to MND Australia and because of the amount of water going into these challenges worldwide, I will also donate to the UNICEF Clean Water Appeal, this money goes to helping folks around the world access clean safe drinking water. Links are below, if you have some spare dollars, please donate these organisations.

Read more from the sites listed below.
MND Australia:
UNICEF and search for Clean Water Appeal

Those of you from Melbourne and Victoria, tell me, do you remember these? #melbourne #publictransport #TheMet (at Melbourne)

Look….up in the sky! #Football #offseason #training (at Preston Toyota Park - JC Donath Reserve)